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In my review of the Jaguar Orca system I pointed out that, while both sizes of their blade are readily available and as cheaply procured as Dovo blades, neither razor was compatible with Dovo blades or the Dovo coloured blade holder system.

Enter, the Miraki ...

[Image: DSC07722.JPG]

Made in Japan, metal throughout and a good weight, presented with its own blade holder which is compatible with their own blades (the same cut-out as Jaguar) and Dovo blades.

But, the problem remains. Another shavette which is not compatible with half DE blades, Dovo blades or even spined Personna blades. Thankfully, Dovo provide a solution for their own shavette, which the Miraki is compatible with:

[Image: DSC07722%2520-%2520Version%25202.JPG]

... and so, presenting the Miraki with all blade options:

[Image: DSC07725.JPG]

Dovo red holder and half DE blade:

[Image: DSC07729.JPG]

Dovo black holder and Jaguar (or Dovo) blade:

[Image: DSC07730.JPG]

Dovo green holder and spined Personna blade:

[Image: DSC07731.JPG]

I bought my Miraki for about £8 and the blade holders for another £7. Dovo blades (or Jaguar blades) can be found for about £9 a pack of 10 (so, 20 blades), the spined Personna around £5 for 10 and half DEs are readily available for pence.

Compared to the price of a Dovo shavette (something like £30), you can see that the Miraki is a much cheaper way of getting into this system and not a whole lot more than shavettes which only take half DE blades.

Furthermore, the all metal construction gives a hefty razor in the hand and a sure shave on the face.

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