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This is such a great soap - easy to lather, good lather, slick, post shave, etc., etc. I fully agree with Mike's description that this one is less floral and more camphorous than his hungarian lavender. This may become my favorite soap. At $10.50 for the bar (or $13 for the tin) plus $3.15 shipping you get an excellent soap at your door for $13.65. Give it a try.

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I have a number of Mike's soaps and they are in my regular rotation, though it is hard to "enforce" when one would like to rotate more than 30 FANTASTIC soaps and and a couple of OUTSTANDING creams Smile
I would definitely have more Mike's in my den if shipping to Canada wasn't so high. Very good soap.
My first Mike's is on the way. Hungarian lavender.
(02-17-2016, 12:58 AM)Buickrob Wrote: My first Mike's is on the way.  Hungarian lavender.

Great choice! One of my favorites.
Love Mikes! Orange, Cedarwood and Pepper is my favorite scent in all of shaving, hands down!

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