Can somebody guide me besides using a Jeweler's loupe what is the best microscope to use to see the edge for honing. Would it be a stereo microscope a USB microscope or just a lighted Jeweler's loupe. I really want to see the edge extremely well. If someone recommends a USB microscope I would need a compatible for a Mac.. also how much magnification would be necessary. Thank you everybody for your help.

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I don't have much experience with this, but depending on how fine you want to see the edge, I would imagine 10x or 25x would suit you well.
Also, a lighted jeweller's loupe should serve you well enough.
Good luck and, hopefully, one of the more knowledgeable straight shavers might offer their opinion. Shy
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This link here is for a $20 50x-500x usb microscope on Amazon. Don't quote me but from the product notes it looks like it registers as a webcam, so any PC, Mac, or Linux machine should be able to use it. Again, don't quote me.

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On second thought, look at this one. $15 more expensive, but it explicitly calls out Mac compatibility and the reviews are higher.

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