I just confirmed with Mickey Lee that they are discontinuing the Pantie Dropper scent. I'll admit when I first tried it via sample I wasn't impressed. I left it
for months and then decided to revisit it, this time using more soap from the sample. For me, that did the trick as the soap really shined for me after that.
And the scent! I regret not picking up the full soap when I had the chance, as my usual online vendors have sold out. If you gentlemen see it, grab it!
I grabbed a tub a little bit back as I heard it would be discontinued. Recently though got a sample of Mason Boutique's Maya SS, and on my first sniff thought it was darn close to Pantie Dropper.

Scent profiles on sites are different, but are close anyway.


I've never tried Mickey Lee, but I certainly won't miss the name of the scent or the picture on the tub.

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I don't really know about Pantie Dropper because I never tried it, but I have Paradise Frost which I LOVE!


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Does anyone know anything about the new soaps and why MLS dropped the old ones? I've got the Italian Stallion and The Kraken in both soap and AS Milk and I really like the Italian Stallion, the Kraken is ok too and both are very good performers. Italian Stallion is one I took a chance on based on someone else's recommendation because from the scent description I wouldn't have thought I'd like it but I really do. Sort of like an interesting riff on a creamsicle. I'm always curious as to the rationale behind reformulations - is the new one better or the old one? It can go either way. I suppose I'll have to try the new formula and decide for myself.
I have one of the old and new formulations, the Kracken and Havana. To be honest I'm not seeing a difference in performance but the scent on Havana is lighter per say than the other scents. Not as strong as the Kracken or drunken goat for instance, but nice.
That's too bad I've been meaning to try it. I'm kinda surprised I thought that ws a popular scent.

I've only tried one of their soaps (Coco Maya) and it was also discontinued Sad

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Maybe MLSW succumbed to the pressure of PC - they could re-release it with a more gender neutral name - Drawer Dropper?

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Hmm I was planning to buy this, too bad I couldn't find this one now. You know of a website where they still sell these?

Is it a new formula for the 6 scents that are available now in the new packaging?

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