Hello everybody,
i have the chance to get a Merkur Vision 2000 for my collection.
One of the thing intrigue me the most about safety razors is the design and i have to say Vision 2000 compared to the years when it arrived on the market it looks very....beyond...I made some researches about it and it was considered the biggest brother of Merkur Futur...Infact it looks chubby and extremily big...But as i could read about it in the comments in several wet shaving forums it worked pretty good...
So i would like to know what do you think about it and if it worths the money i would spend to get one...
I like it. Yes, it's big but at least it's original.
I understand it was discontinued also because of technical issues (often due to lack of proper maintenance).
I actually own 2. One I use and one NOS for my collection

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Hello Koenfucious,
Thanks a lot for your answer to my questions!!!
Now i've ' definitly  decided to get one!!!!

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Futur is one of my favorite razors. I should have picked up a Vision back in the day when they were plentiful.

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I had the chance to try a Futur on my face and i agree with you.
I'm entrigue byVision 2000  shape and the design ...

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