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We've all heard of the Merkur 34 being an excellent beginners razor but do any of you move on from it after you become comfortable for more aggressive razors or is the Merkur 34 great enough to continue to use happily as a veteran?


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I have a 34c and have been wet shaving for nearly 11 years! I think it a fine tool and although I haven't used it much recently it is mainly because I went on an open comb kick this past year or so.

I do believe it is a classic for a reason and can get very serviceable shaves from it.

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If it still works for you, and you are happy with the shaves, then what difference does it make if you've been shaving with it for five minutes or fifty years?  Especially if you have a rotation of a few razors then this would be one that comes up as a change of pace.

If, on the other hand, it just isn't doing what you want anymore, and you've found better, then perhaps it's time for putting it in storage, giving it to a newbie as a PIF, or hitting the B/S/T page. Smile
Since I have other aggressive razors like R41, Fatip, 39C and Futur in my rotation, I don't use anymore my 34C.

It's a good, effective and mild razor for daily shaves. But, I don't prefer it.

Also, I would say that EJ razors are more efficient. That's my opinion.
I wish I still had my 34C, and my EJ DE86. They are both irritation free, smooth , daily shavers.


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Clayton: The good news is that they're both still current production, so when you're a bit flush in the wallet, replace them.
Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?
It's one of the best razors I've used, just slightly behind my ATT M1 as far as shave quality. I have ADD when it comes to shaving products so I often like to use different things, but I used it the other day. It's good enough to serve as one's sole razor for those who don't have RAD.
I had an older version of the 34C that came with the plastic travel case, and it had the better plating on it. Should have kept it. I liked the DE86 because not only was it a smooth shaver, but the blade end edges were totally covered up by the head of the razor and they wouldn't nick my ear when I was shaving the corner of my jawline.

(10-21-2015, 07:50 PM)beamon Wrote: Clayton: The good news is that they're both still current production, so when you're a bit flush in the wallet, replace them.

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It is the benchmark by which I judge others. It likes my face, and my face it!

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I love it when a thread comes up discussing a razor I haven't used in a while. I am going to pull my 34c out and give it some face time!

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