just tried yeti snot by shaving yeti, very strong menthol soap. Not a fan of very strong mentholated soaps,cant feel your face or feedback from your shave, face just just feels numb and cold. Those are my thoughts what are some of yours. Stay smooth

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Very proud of this one, just the right amount of menthol to cool, enough fragrance to have a scent Wink

[Image: zc5CRrG.jpg]

Plug for others - Stirling Orange Chill and Glacial.

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Right on, I have your fougère love it. Will give it a try

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Load yeti snot for 15-20 seconds and then put some Proraso Green out of a tube on the brush. It will still be a chilly shave, but the Proraso drops it down a notch so it isn't a total face freeze. Works for me anyway.

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As mentioned in another thread, I just tried a Deluxe Shaving's Cool Daddy-O, which was my first experience with a mentholated soap. The cooling sensation is nowhere near as intense as what you describe; very pleasant sensation, without any numbness, but I don't think I'd want it any stronger. Post shave feel is among the best I've experienced.

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I like a bit of menthol in a soap, but not overwhelming. The strongest menthol I have used was The Shave Den's Iced Sub-Zero (their menthol soap w/ extra menthol) and it really didn't do it for me.

Other menthol lathers I've used and enjoyed more include Palmolive cream w/ Menthol, Mystic Water Prospect Creek, and Dapper Dragon Arctic Wyrm (naturally). My wife is allergic to eucalyptus so I haven't used any of the usual suspects like standard Proraso.

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