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For many, their first affordable scuttle was our little darling, The Crown King Scuttle. The goal at that time was to create a high quality scuttle that would fit EVERYBODY'S Budget (and look kinda vintage too). Needless to say, it was a huge success and really turned a lot of folks onto hot lather...Mission Accomplished!

However, over the years we have received much feedback, as expected, and once more put it to good use in an effort to give our loyal customers and the shave community what they want. So back to the drawing board we went! We came back with the Desertscape Scuttle 2.0, an even larger scuttle! Suddenly armed with even more feedback during its release we made sure to take notes and then delivered an even better version on the next run with, The Dreamscape Scuttle 3.0! The Dreamscape was not only another super value but a scuttle to be reckoned with for sure!

Well folks, after it sold out, rather than just reorder it and rest on our laurels, once more we decided to tweak this larger lather machine even more; Redefining the vertical agitators and ridges within the bowl. Next we chose an even more epic hand glaze style with a slight handle comfort modification! Lastly, we upgraded the material! While it's true that both the Desertscape and Dreamscape Scuttle were solid and robust brutes, our latest Porcelain Ceramic edition is by far the most Durable of the lot!
Dear Shave Cadets, Meet The Spacescape Lather Scuttle 4.0!

The goal was to really over deliver on this new design while keeping the price relatively the same...truly that is always the biggest challenge, especially in these times and again...Mission Accomplished People!
  • Each Unique & Hand Glazed
  • Wide 5 Inch Mouth
  • Deep 3 Inch Lather Bowl
  • Beautiful, Durable Premium Porcelain
  • Raised Vert Ridges (not digs)
  • 18 Ounce Capacity
  • Real Solid Cork Included
  • Ready for the best part? It's Under $30!

ATTENTION: While all share a resemblance to the photo on the sales page note that due to the nature of the hands-on process of glazing, each will be unique!

The Spacescape = Mind Blown

If you have been thinking about picking up a scuttle, or are ready for an upgrade, The Spacescape is for you!

"It's A Shave New World, Phoenix Shaving!"
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