Shave It Shave Co
Ontario, Canada
Showcasing a Top Heavy CLUB razor today! Meet "Slam". Turned from beautiful and durable transparent Alumilite resin, this stunning baseball shaped handle has a plethora of colors exploding all over it! Our exclusive CLUB razors stand 4.5" tall and are designed to have a little extra weight up top for added comfort. CLUB razors are extremely comfortable and lots-o-fun to use! We bet you have absolutely nothing like this in your shave den and here's a real opportunity to own a one of a kind hand-crafted beauty!
Check out a 360 degree video on our YouTube channel or Instagram (@shave_it_shave_co)

Meet THE CLUB: "Slam"
Serial #: 0008CLB
4.25" Hand Crafted Transparent Alumilite Resin Handle
3 Piece "Top Heavy" Safety Razor
A one of a kind work of art ready to enhance your shaving experience by Shave It Shave Co.

[Image: A6juydW.jpg]

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