Shave It Shave Co
Ontario, Canada
"THE CLUB" concept razors are hefty Baseball bat shaped handles that are not only stunning to look at and very comfortable in the hand, but also provide a little extra weight up top to help the razor head glide up and down your handsome face with ease. Meet "Batty", a gorgeous mash up of blues, reds and greens with some handy grip-grooves carved into the barrel. The razor stands 4.5" tall (4.25" handle) and is turned from beautiful and durable Alumilite resin. Check out a 360 degree video on our Instagram (@shave_it_shave_co)

Meet THE CLUB: "Batty"
Serial #: 0007CLB
4.25" Hand Crafted Alumilite Resin "Top Heavy" Handle
3 Piece Long Handle Safety Razor
A one of a kind work of art ready to enhance your shaving experience by Shave It Shave Co.

[Image: HY1xziv.jpg]

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