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Admittedly I haven’t used one in a good 4 years at least. But I remember they used to be very popular and well regarded. Is anyone still using Med Preps?

I use them and love them! I'm an outlier, however, in that I've not found many DE blades I don't like, i.e., Voskhods and Merkurs. I haven't tried them all, but I enjoy the Med Preps, Astra SPs, Polsilver Iridiums, Gillette Blacks, Gillette Yellows, GSBs, Feathers, Kais, Nacets, and many others.

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I just traded a 100 box of them that still held approx. 90 for some other items. It is a superb blade, but more razor specific than modern Gillette blades IMO. At least for me face. YMMV.
Still working on my box of 250 - special deal before at Connaught's. For me, seem to work in my razors except the really mild ones (Kai is my choice in those razors). I easily get 5 shaves from each blade and do not recall a poor quality "bin after 1st or 2nd shave." My blade experience is somewhat limited as 5 pack samples with razor purchase is my common method to diversify.

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When I use DE they are among my fav's. But I don't use DE much anymore.

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Never used a med prep but do use the lab blues. Personna is my wife's favorite.

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I haven't used one in a while but always got very nice shaves from them.
I used them for a few weeks this year when I ran out of Kai's. Not as sharp or smooth.

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I did buy a box of them from a fellow shaver and I suspect they didn't make the quality cut. They were horrible and I was not going to sell them to anyone else. Typically Med Preps are really good blades.
Excellent blades. There was a time they were among my short list of favorites, and still would be, except now I use the General SE razor. Recently sold off most my DE blades.
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