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just got my mdc order today of 2 original and 2 fougere and man are the weights different. one original weighs in at 505grams, the other 513, the fougere's weigh in at 526 and 548??? i know soap can vary by some but nearly 50grams? from doing some reading the older 170gram jars weighed in around 500 also so how are they claiming 200grams now? did they change the glass jar that much? i never had the older jars only the new style. did i just get lucky with the fougere's or do these usually weight in at over 500? the fougere are domed on top going up over the edge of the glass where the original fall just below the glass line by a hair and are flat across.

just curious, thanks

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Only way to know for sure is to scoop it out and figure out how much the glass jar actually weighs.

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I assume they measure 200g before curing, so there could be some variability during the curing process.

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Net weight is supposed to be net weight of contents in the container at sale. But the net weight of the soap can be more than advertised.
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I believe the glass containers have changed a bit (but not 100% sure).  The old soaps were labeled as 170g, but actually contained about 200g by my calculations.  They were overstuffing soaps for a long time before they switched to the 200g labels.

I'm guessing they all have 200g of soap or more, but who knows.   As stated above, the only way to confirm would be to scoop them all out and weigh them.  Make sure you zero your scale between measurements too.  Flat across the top or a mm or so under, is how my jars have been.  I'm guessing you got bonus soap no the Fougure soaps but even the Originals probably have 200-210g or soap.

Handmade products are going to vary from jar to jar, they are not defective, no need to be worried, no need to return or send them an email, MdC does a top notch job at everything they do.

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oh i love the stuff i was not going to return it i was more curious as to if it was normal from them. i was told by a friend the glass jars can easily vary also by that much when they they are made

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