Im thinking about picking up]Matador Toro Mastiff wondering what everyones thoughts were? Also closed or open comb?

Lisbon, Portugal
I've tried a Matador El caballero some time ago. But it surely didn't impressed me.
The finishing was subpar, certainly not comparable to a Merkur or Edwin Jagger.

[Image: 19177638yd.jpg]

[Image: 19177640wf.jpg]

Other than that, it shaved very well, just like any other razor. Nothing new here.

It you are in the USA, this razor usually has a very nice price, which makes it an interesting option. But in this side of the pond, you have to add delivery costs - and that's usually a deal breaker, as you can easily buy a Merkur, EJ or Mühle at that price point.
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Excellent question. I did have one but moved it along. It was pretty aggressive with a huge blade gap. Sometimes I'm just on automatic and this is not a great razor for that. You need to pay attention when using this one. I recall a really close shaves with it, but I get great shaves with a lot of razors. Probably not that helpful but I did like giving it a try.

Fit and finish was fine for a $30 razor. I didn't expect much and therefore wasn't disappointed. The handle had an awesome grip and considered keeping it for the handle alone, but ultimately sold it.

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