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I resisted MDC for a long time, put off by the price and the hype. But I love the smell of lemons and at Pasteur I bought a jar of the MDC Agrumes. I felt like I was out of mind, paying so much for a puck of shaving soap. I was ready to embrace buyer's remorse and write a review saying, "Feh, it ain't worth it." 

But the first two shaves have converted me. I'm a true MDC fanboy. It's easier to lather than any other soap I've used with the possible exception of XPEC. The soap doesn't require a lot of water and you don't have to "lather like you hate it." It goes on my face smoothly and requires very little tinkering to get water to soap ratio right. The shave it provided me, using my ATT M1 with a Kai DE, was second to none. Great cushion and glide. It rinsed off easily and I didn't feel the post-shave dryness some complained of. 

My one disappointment is scent strength. The aroma is quite faint. I noticed this with various pucks in various scents. I suspect the scent should be described as "understated." It's a wonderful lemon scent that smells fresh and true, I just wish I could turn up the volume. 

Yes it's pricey. But it seems like it will last a long time, and the performance is exceptional. I also like the fact that it's vegan and the ingredients are few. 

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I love MDC.

In my opinion it is the best shaving soap I have ever used.

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I too resisted for a long time and then when Top of The Chain started carrying it I bought some (3!!). I like it a lot.  I'm good with the scent strength although I'm of the opinion that almost every soap could do with kicking its scent up a notch.  If you want a real treat, try using Grooming Dept's Moisturizing Pre-Shave with the MdC  Happy2

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Thanks for that suggestion, I'll give it a go!
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I found it disappointing. Not nearly as slick, moisturizing and cushioning/protective...for my face anyway...as the new crop of artisan soaps like Grooming Dept., T&S or Talbot for example. But..YMMV...

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