My buddy on the Marshall's product team let me know they will receive all C&E 2019 stock of shaving soaps because the company is changing packaging. Beginning Jan 1, and they will be marked way down for fast sale.

Initial pricing estimates
Almond Oil Soap $6.99
West Indian Limes $7.99
Moroccan Myrh $8.99
Indian Sandalwood $7.99

Stores should start getting stock around the 29th. Good luck!

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You, good sir, are a hero. HERO.

Happy Holidays!

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I'm curious if anyone was able to pick some these up. I stopped by our local Marshall's but didn't see any. They did have a Muhle safety razor which really took me by surprise but no C&E shave soap

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I checked my local Marshalls today and two days ago, and they had some C&E skin care products but no shave soaps or creams.

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I have checked at least once a week for the last 3 weeks, and the local Marshalls has had no C&E shaving products at all.

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I've checked the one near my office and the one near my house several times, including yesterday. I haven't seen an C&E shaving products either.

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I suspect they sent the stock only to a few stores.

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