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hey guys so I'm looking for like slap in your face mango scent. I want it to be like mango with some cedar backdrop and maybe some spice like cardamom. I really want a nice mango soap. Any suggestions. The only ones I know are caties bubbles and the versino one( flying mango) but that one doesn't seem like a mango scent as described
Only one I know of is Maggard's Mango Sage Tea. I have a sample I haven't gotten around to yet, but I get a fruity mango scent off the container.
Also, I think SV Flying Mango refers to the addition on mango butter to the formula - not necessarily the scent. But I could be wrong, since I haven't tried that one either.

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SV is not mango scented, mango butter was added to their formula. It's a nice scent, but no mango.

My Toulouse is mango scented with a hint of menthol, no cedar though.

Maggards Mango is nice, but I also don't pick up any woody or spicy notes.

If you haven't tried I Coloniali Mango, you should. I am in love with this scent profile, not much mango in this one, but it's more complex than it sounds.
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The Toulouse sounds good. I'm definitely going to want to purchase that. Now I just need some funds to roll in next Wednesday. So that and caties bubbles are on my list as next shave soaps.

In fact I just ordered three samples from you. a lot sound really good. Thanks for the help

The Toulouse is a great soap, get it! But like all that have mango in their ingredient list or in the title I don't pick it up other than its a very sweet soap. You won't go wrong with some Toulouse and some Catie's Bubbles. At some point definitely get some I Coloniali Mango, again, you will be surprised by the scent and may struggle to find the mango but it is great soap and a wonderful scent unlike anything else you'll find.
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Hmm am gonna need to try that one now haha. Going on the list.

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I Coloniali Mango is a fantastic soap, both in performance and scent. As stated earlier, the scent is not mango but something more complex. Not the least expensive but well worth the cost, in my opinion. Highly recommended. Smile

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I ColonialI is awesome  Cool

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I mentioned it last night and couldn't shake it until I used it this morning, still love it Smile

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yea I know. I was thinking from this is the second person recommending it. I must try it. In fact I'm actually excited to try a bunch of your samples I ordered. And that Coloniali Mango is on sale on Amazon for 16 bucks plus 6 bucks shipping. Can't go wrong there.

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