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MALBOLGE & El Fantasma Are Back!

[Image: kKKQJMk.jpg]

First 50 Bundles Sold Include Collectible Limited Edition Holographic Label!

Scent Profile: Tobacco, Citrus, Anise, Musk, Patchouli, Burnt Sugar, Black Pepper & Benzoin Resin.

Malbolge is teeming with woody and aromatic accords while a subtle undercurrent of sweetness flows alive underneath. A scent so enchanting it has to be up to something clever!

Blood Orange and Bergamot bleed like electricity into a beating heart note of Black Pepper and Benzoin Resin along with Licorice (Star Anise) and Burnt Sugar. All this set against a backdrop of base notes like Patchouli, Dark Musk & Tobacco.

This classic Autumn blend is perfect for men looking for just a touch of something different this Fall Season...though I bet you reach for it all year long!

El Fantasma: The World's First Halloween Themed Razor!

BOOM! Re-Introducing El Fantasma, razor 1 in our Monster Slant Series! Yes, it is a slant razor and yes, it is an open comb. But more importantly, It GLOWS!!!! We make shaving fun, no? (or at least bring a Scooby Doo type vibe.)


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