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So, I'm looking to make a razor storage box, since all my razors right now are sitting on a towel in the drawer lol Easy to get at sure, but I'd like to have the ones I'm not currently using safely stored, just in case Wink

Anyway, my idea thus far is to find a good sized cigar box, maybe 1'x1'x4", and use charcoal foam to keep things snug. I already know where I'm going to get the foam from.

Now, my question is this; anyone have an idea? Is there a place that I can get boxes made for razors? I'm looking at Ebay to get the cigar box right now.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Smile

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Instead of eBay - have you tried a local cigar store? Many times the higher end cigars come in wooded boxes and I know they have theem for sale - both wood and cardboard.

Try there first if you have a store in your area.

Another option is Etsy - either hand made or vintage stuff.

No cigar store around my area that I know of. However, I am running into a small problem. I don't think cigar boxes will be large enough for what I want :/ I only want one box for everything, that'll also help confine me to what I can own at one time lol

Oh, I had forgot about Etsy! :O Thanks Big Grin

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Check the Container Store. I've picked up several small boxes for my blades. They also have cardboard boxes in various sizes. I always throw in a moisture pack with all my various razor boxes.

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[Image: image.jpg]

A clear plastic box from a shop called Muji. It might be a bit small for your requirements though?

Burgundy ya that's a bit small for me, but I do like the idea Smile

On that note, however, after searching through ebay for a whole day(I'm easily distrac...), I found my cigar box! Big Grin

[Image: URFvdZf.jpg]

It's a hefty 11 X 7.5 X 3.5 so I can easily put in the layers of charcoal foam that I want it, and cut out to match the shape of my razors... I'm not one to sell things once I have them lol The tallest razor laying down that I have is the iKon Slant, at 1 inch. So, if I do a 1/2 inch layer of solid foam, on that I can fit a 1.5 inch layer of pull and peal foam to make the shapes, and I could add another .5 or 1 inch layer of foam on top of that to add to the protection Smile
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Too bad you weren't near me.
[Image: c2a780986014682060c2d28419faf0ec.jpg]

I have a wooden cigar box connection. He's a pen maker too, so lines them for me with corrugated felt pen liners.

[Image: c0053e3aa356535bbf6eaa6a953ff76b.jpg]

And I use the real big ones for odd brushes and misc.

[Image: 261b9aa47cc9f19feec4ae641f5f1329.jpg]

[Image: 2fda049b11a14d9011bd6da0e6d00563.jpg]

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Another possible place to look is at craft stores. Most of the large ones (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Michael's) sell unfinished wood items like these that you can finish in the color of your choice and add whatever internal foam or structure you like.

I have one I'm turning into a storage box for my yo-yo collection.
What about a pipe rack? I am using one now, you can find ones that could hold from 2 to 24...

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I went to K-mart and got 2 of these fishing tackle storage boxes. I think they cost $3 but that was a few years ago.

[img][Image: DSC03636.jpg][/img]

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