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How I think I'd look
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(08-27-2022, 08:41 PM)MaineYooper Wrote: How I think I'd look
[Image: cV1lxa0.jpg]
[Image: giphy.gif?cid=349c9dd7kr0r95hk1oqenpzqzw...y.gif&ct=g]

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Makeup is not something I normally use. I did make an exception last Sunday. The previous week I went to the dermatologist to have some precancerous spots treated with liquid nitrogen. The treatment left my face with some horrible-looking and painful welts. Thus, before going to church, I grabbed some of my wife's makeup and applied it to these welts to make them less noticeable. Otherwise, my face might have become the topic of conversation.

While most of those welts have faded, there are still a couple that look pretty bad. Thus, I plan to apply a little makeup on them again in the morning.

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