...first Wolfman direct from James ...I'm going to draw this one out Smile [Image: a9e38d6a82489de2b926999d6b4ea50c.jpg]

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Living on the edge
Jeeez......cmon mate...out with it. Smile
(04-04-2019, 09:38 PM)Tester28 Wrote: Jeeez......cmon mate...out with it. Smile

My thoughts exactly.
A few new (to me) Rooney brushes.

[Image: RddSbJh.jpg]

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Ok. I've lost interest. Frankly, razors that cost $300 or $650, no matter how nice they may appear, have no appeal to me. And they do appear to be extremely nice based on the pics on their website. Gorgeous even. But I still don't think that justifies the price. I guess it's all about what people are willing to spend their money on. There is no wrong or right. It's what is right for you. Enjoy your razor.
Sorry had to take care of my son his initials are on the razor [Image: c0c52575ff5d14eb22d8c5ce279b7ff0.jpg][Image: 9983790fdb51a6baafe950a647bd9768.jpg]

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That’s nice.

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Wolfman Razors? Never heard of them.
How ? He is still making new razors

Living on the edge
No review?

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