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I bit the bullet and ordered the maggards open comb razor head so who has used one and how do you like it, what is it comparable to, ect?  especially how is the blade alignment i know some people had some issues with the original safety bar heads?
I purchased one several weeks ago.  They are excellent heads.  I previously owned open comb Ikon razors and the feeling was very similar.  If your looking for an inexpensive open comb razor, you cannot go wrong with this one.  The shave was very close, and the blade aligned easily.  I know maggard has worked hard to tighten blade alignment and it looks like they hit the mark.  Just my two cents, some may differ in opinion.


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Im waiting on mine, its on its way but its going to have to be pretty dam good to top my Parker 26C Open Comb! The 15C was usless, the PhoenixDOC was ok but best for clean up passes. But the best one so far is the 26C. Ill post how it compares to the maggard when i get it. I prefer my OC to my Slants overall and would never go back to a normal razor. My R41 is like my slants, good for 2 passes, but better use another for 3rd pass & cleanup for a smooth, irritation free shave.

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It's supposed to be fairly similar to the Merkur OC. It also has a brass base plate! I'd say you'll be happy with it.

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For me, and remember opinions are all subjective, the OC Maggard is probably the worst head I have ever shaved with, ever.  It is terribly mild and inefficient.  Now mind you, I have several mild razors, several Gillette Techs, Merkur 34c, EDJ DE89.... and none of them are as mild as the OC from Maggard and they all shave much better than the aforementioned Maggard OC head.  

Please let the record show that I love Maggard Razors, I have purchased numerous products from them and have been satisfied with 99% of them.  They are great at customer service and no one in the business ships faster.  For the money, their handles are one of the best values in DE shaving in my humble opinion. I often put other manufacturers razor heads on my Mr3 and Mr8 and get excellent shaves with that combination. However, the OC head they make is abysmal.  To me the teeth on the head seem "off" and "cheap" and or "weird" to the other OC razors in my den and they make the shave feel "off" as well as the already described mild factor.

Their first version Closed comb head is a good shaver (although I believe they are sold out and no longer in production) and I enjoy shaving with that head from Maggard.  It's the most aggressive of the three heads they have produced to this point, but it still isn't terribly aggressive.  The version 2 closed comb is more aggressive than the open comb head but still terribly mild.  Of the three heads they make in my view the Version one closed comb is without question the only one I continue to shave with. 

This assessment isn't because I believe mild razors by nature are bad shavers.  I often get a better shave with my Merkur 34C than I do my Muhle or fattip piccolo. I believe this is because the Merkur is efficient and mild while the Maggard OC is just "mild"

Even if you agree with my assessment on the head, the handle will be great!

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A great discussion on razor heads.  I have very sensitive skin so in general open comb heads cause more discomfort than closed safety bars.  The Muhle R41 cuts like a closed comb so I'm not affected the same way.  I would agree that the first version of the maggard closed comb is excellent and I continue to use it on various handles.  If you don't like the head, you do have options.

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With the Maggards OC and a Personna Red mounted on a MR-8 handle I just recieved a smoother shave than my Gillette Red Tip can give me shimmed up with the same blade. I tried switching over the 3 shims with the blade at first but the Maggards OC wouldn't cut anything. Pulled the shims and the Maggards was instantly turned into a stubble mowing machine. In regards to the handle, it's heavy and deep knurled. You won't drop it with wet hands. I'll probably still try a Parker 26c OC just because I'm curious about how it shaves after reading all the positive reviews on it.


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