Has anyone used one of these? And if so what do you think of them?
I have one. It’s a really nice knot. Not as soft as high mountain whites that I’ve used. Has a fair amount of backbone. Not as dense as their SHD 2 bands.

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I have one of the Maggard Super High Density knots, Although they list it as a two-band, it is one of the softest knots I own. The tips gel in use. I just wish I had purchased a smaller brush.. I got a 28mm knot and it is a real lather hog. A 24 mm might be perfect.

Media, PA
I have a Maggard Silvertip 28mm and a Maggard SHD 26mm. Love them both. Tips are very soft. Perfect backbone for me.

The Silvertip is in a Mojo Handcrafts brush, and the SHD is in a Wolf Whiskers brush.

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