Indianapolis Indiana
Saturday, my wife and I drove the 4 hours to attend the Meet at Maggard's in Michigan.

That was one of the more enjoyable outings we have had this year.

Brad, his wife, family and staff did a bang up job and pulled off a great experience.

The town of Adrian is a small rural area of Michigan. Brad's store, the ornate building and over abundance of products available is somewhat a surprise to any first time visitors.

They also provided lunch, again outstanding food and more than enough.

Along with this, all the vendors who showed, including a few of our members from DFS, were more than generous with the samples they gave out.

It didn't hurt a bit that my wife won a door prize of a fine brush, DE  handle and some fine products donated by Sterling Soap Company.

A really fine event and if you have the opportunity to get out for next years get together, I would advise you give them a visit.
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Sounds cool.

Got any pictures?
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Philadelphia, PA
I'd love to see some pics too!

did anyone else from DFS make it up there?
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Maggard's is one of the shops I would really like to visit one day, if I go to the US

Indianapolis Indiana
The only people I seem from DFS are the Will and his Mother of Barrister & Mann handing out samples. We didn't take any pictures, but Mark Hero "Mantic59" was moving through the crowd shooting video.

I would assume he will post that on his site Sharpologist.com
When I die, I want to go like Gramps, quiet in his sleep - Not screaming like the passengers riding in his car.
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Ferndale, MI
I was there, but I found it next to impossible to find fellow DFSers in the mix. There were waaay more people than last year. The line to get upstairs and start going around the vendor tables was ridiculous. They made the mistake of putting the Barrister and Mann table first so everyone wanting to stop there held up the whole process. I eventually just went rogue and said to hell with the "line". The food and beer was great and the PIF table was a really cool idea. You could bring stuff to leave and take whatever you wanted from it. They also gave away a lot of nice stuff raffle style (ATT and Wolfman Guerilla razors, soap and splash sets, etc.). I didn't win anything this time, but I came home with a bag of free samples and a few other items I bought. Overall it was a great experience and will continue to go as long as they have it.
- Jeff
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Jeff I really wish we could have met up. Paul, myself and my dad were there! My dad actually won one of the DLC coated Rockwell 6s razors. It was a great time. The meet-up really signified what an incredible community we have. Here are a couple of photos I took.

[Image: FKATcVy.jpg][Image: vvhxgqt.jpg][Image: anLC1o0.jpg]
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Indianapolis Indiana
Perhaps next year we might hook up at 11 before we get to Maggard's, there must be a coffee shop or such near by. It would be great to put faces with the guys we talk to on DFS
When I die, I want to go like Gramps, quiet in his sleep - Not screaming like the passengers riding in his car.
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That's a great idea!
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Ferndale, MI
I spy Barrister_N_Mann and hawns in the second pic! It was nice to see and talk to them again.
- Jeff
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