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Hi all,

I just got a Maggard v2 open comb head to try with my EJ Kelvin handle (I prefer light handles). When I put it on, the blade exposure seemed enormous & the blade was essentially flat, so the blade angle didn't look like it would be at all comfortable. I took it out & compared with the EJ head & noted that the threaded post on the Maggard top plate is 1-2 mm longer than that on the EJ top plate (and than the depth of the socket in the Kelvin handle), so the top & bottom plate don't fit together snugly. I can of course work around this by using the EJ top plate.

Has anyone else noticed such a difference in post length? I'm wondering if (a) the Maggard handles have a deeper socket in the handle, and if so, which is more typical in this regard, the Maggard handles or my Kelvin handle (i.e. has anyone else had any luck using Maggard heads with other maker's handles)? Or (b) did I get a head with an incorrect post length?

Thanks for any insights...
you need to post pictures so we can have a better view on what you are trying to pin point. BTW how a bout giving it a shot and just shave with it, its not like ur going to slaughter ur self if you know how to shave with de

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The Maggard studs are long and most handles accept them with little problem.

Sorry, my bad. The difference in post length was not the issue, I just didn't have the top & bottom plates perfectly aligned. With my other razors that's been automatic, but with this one you have to pay a little attention.

I have shaved with it (using the EJ top plate, before figuring out the issue). So far I'd say a bit more efficient & a bit less comfortable than the EJ head. I'll give it a couple weeks.
No razors are dead on perfect and even if they are the blades aren't, so a little play for achieving best blade alignment is a normal thing to do

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