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I have owned all the v2 Mühle 23 mm and 25 mm Silvertip Fibre Synthetics and found them too springy.

Much prefer my trusty high end badgers.

BUT a Gent told me this on paper is a 23 mm Silvertip Fibre, but in reality feels softer and far less springy than the regular Mühle v2 STF do ?

Anyone with experience and opinions regarding this ?

Have a 25% bonus left in a shop, that will run out of June and see they have the Mühle STF v2 23 mm brush.
Cheers, Claus from Denmark

Restitutor Orbis
Nope, but if this is better than the Plissoft, I am definitely interested.

I have been anxiously waiting what they would come up with synthetics.

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