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Needed to reach my "free shipping" dollar amount and added aspen and bay rum to my order.  Thoughts?  Out of the bottle the aspen reminds me of Aqua Velva the Bay rum is a unique scent.... But doesn't really smell bay rum to me.... Anyone use this regularly? Staying power or quick fader?

I have both (paid 8EUR each in super holiday sale) and used them a couple of times. Staying power is low, I would say about 30 minutes. I prefer Aspen over the Bay Rum.
Used the aspen this morning.  Does its job as an aftershave but you are right the staying power in this stuff is terribly low 15-20 minutes on me.  I prefer a longer staying aftershave and won't be ordering this again as I prefer the staying power of the clubman line which, has a very similar price point.

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