Hello.  I've been wet shaving for a couple years and am hoping to move to a razor that light, efficient and has minimal blade feel.  I've got a few razors and prefer the Gamechanger 84p and Lupo 72p with a titanium Timeless Crown handle.  i shave maybe 4 times a week and have a Gamechanger 105 and Lupo 95 which are ok but not a daily razor for me.

Here are what I think are good options on paper, what do you all think?  The razor would be titanium for lightness (heavy razors are hard for me to use).

  1. Wolfman WR2 1.15 (0.09mm blade exposure)
  2. Wolfman WR2 1.05 (0.01mm blade exposure)
  3. Tatara Masasume with Nodachi baseplate (-0.03mm blade exposure)
  4. Haircut & Shave Z074 ("zero blade exposure" according to their website)
  5. Haircut & Shave Ti-5 Efficient ("least blade feel" according to their website)
  6. Timeless ti 68 scallopped (head is a little large)
  7. Timeless ti 95 scallopped (head is a little large)
If you‘re considering the Wolfman route then your budget will be big enough for a Blackland Osprey. I‘m really enjoying mine. It‘s incredibly smooth and as efficient as you want it to be. OK the Ti version is outrageously expensive (just looked), but the SS one is very well balanced and doesn‘t feel heavy.

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Carbon Ti
Timeless Ti
Karve Al w/ B or C plate

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Mike Distress
New Jersey
(03-01-2024, 11:03 PM)TommyCarioca Wrote: Carbon Ti
Timeless Ti
Karve Al w/ B or C plate

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Those are all good choices and cover the range of prices for any budget.

The Karve B plate has zero exposure and a gap of 0.73mm. For more efficiency I would think the C plate. I found it too mild for me, but it is wildly popular and for good reason. The exposure on that only jumps up to 0.02mm which I feel is negligible. The gap is 0.85mm which I believe falls into the medium(ish) realm.

I also have the Ti 0.68 and 0.95. I personally prefer the 0.95 but, again, the 0.68 is very popular. The 0.68 has zero exposure and the 0.95 has 0.05mm exposure. I will also say TI is one of the smoothest razors I’ve used.

I only have it Carbon razor in stainless. Though I’m sure their titanium is just as well-made. Most likely the choice of their plates would be the .71 mm which has no blade exposure.

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integritas pietas fortitudinem
DE - Chiseled Face Ti Legacy
     - Karve Overlander (Aluminum)

SE - Atelier Durdan Vestige or La Faulx (Ti)

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Aylesworth Kopparkant (the + plate)

Funds to splash? go Drakkant Ti. Same geometry.

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- Above the tie S1/SSMR
- Ti Stando Svarog
- Ti Drakkant + or with standart plate
- Ti Blackbird lite
- Blutt BR1 0.86
- Carbon Shaving - plate
- Charcoal Goods everyday
- Ti Chiseled Face
- H&S N075
- Ti H&S Z074
- Ti H&S Efficient
- Ti Henson +,++,+++
- Homelike shaving start 0.90
- Karve B plate
- Karve Overlander
- Ti Le Maurice  1.0 - 1.6
- Ti Design 94
- Diamondback
- Raw shaving RS 10 standart plate
- Pils
- Razorock Game changer 0.76
- Razorock Lupo 0.58 or 0.72
- Rockwell 6s plate 3 or 4
- Rocnel Elite
- Ti Seygus Zeppelin V2 0.5/0.7
- Smart Helix Apollo light standart plate
- Ti Masamune
- Ti Muramasa
- Ti Timeless OC 0.68
- Tradere SB
- Ti The Winning
- Ti Merica
- Yates M or H plate
- Wolfman Guerrilla 0.54 or 0.69
- Wolfman Ti Wr2 0.95
- Wolfman Wr1 SS 0.54
- Lambda Athena
- West Coast shaving El Capitan

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Chester County, PA
Paradigm Ti Diamondback 
Raw Shaving RS10

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All Ti

Timeless 0.95 oc
Timeless 0.68 oc
Wolfman 1.05 oc

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Thanks for all the feedback.  I have a few more razors to look into before making a decision.

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