Forio d'Ischia, Naples, Italy
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These days I am using a Spanish handmade soap.
[Image: B9tj5HTm.jpg]
[Image: KSYuhACm.jpg]

It is known as Los Jabones de Joserra, especially in southern Europe.
Jose Ramon (@joserra63) is present on social networks, and the line has its own FB page.
The model I have a sample of is Rodrigo de Jerez.
Here specs: https://foro.sincortenohaygloria.com/t/r...erez/34454

There are already some reviews online.
I fully agree on the fragrance, sweet but elegant and very enveloping.
Also on mechanics, with an excellent protective capacity and good primary lubrication.
Not exactly easy, given the high water point.
The long work required, however, is well rewarded.

What I am not on is the conditioning action.
Secondary lubrication is almost totally missing.
And the functionals all have superficial action.
So in case of inflammation of the skin, this is not well supported.

If I add that my dermatitis, with the continuous habitat changes related to the summer, is more inclined to make itself felt ...
So the usual comfort I'm used to will require some accessories.
Which I don't need with more performing soaps.
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Greetings from Ischia, Pierpaolo

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