I hope this forum is the right place for this thread.  Does anyone know of any businesses that sell handles that are anything like Triad handles or UFO handles?  I never got a Triad handle and they are out of business, but I have a UFO colibri 77 handle and its my absolute favorite handle that I own. UFO also seems to be out of the handle game. Just curious for anyone's ideas out there.  That UFO handle completely changed my Timeless .68 into my favorite razor on the planet.

As for buying Triad/UFO second hand I have no interest because they are enormously expensive. I'm looking for something new.

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You could also try Stork Razors on facebook.

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I saw this picture taken from the Tibam opening thread.  This type of style is exactly what I'd be looking for.

[Image: BhUQgg9.jpg]

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Another recommendation for Tibam, YAZON 87 can and will make just about any handle you want and his work is top notch.

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(12-10-2020, 07:34 PM)Deus Vult Wrote: Another recommendation for Tibam, YAZON 87 can and will make just about any handle you want and his work is top notch.


Ordered a handle from him earlier this year (end of August), received it in about 6 weeks. He offers discount to DFS members.

Just send him a PM.

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Another “vote” for TiBam. A couple of years ago, I designed a handle by fusing the design elements of a few different handles that I liked. I sent my drawings to YAZON 87, and 6–7 weeks later I had the exact handle that I had drawn. Pictured here:

[Image: ayRrlzz.jpg]

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I agree with you about the Colibri 77 and Timeless. That handle fits the Timeless perfectly.

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I ordered 2 Tibam handles.
He made it with the dimension i wanted.
Great work for me and i can use them with many razor head Smile.
I Think he can do what you want.[Image: D3EmMXj.jpg]think

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Beautiful handles.

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