Im on the hunt for a mild razor. the milder the better. much luv for any suggestions!

Woodstock, VT
Feather AS-D2 or a Gillette Tech (pre-war) in good condition.

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Cheshire, UK
Try try the Muhle R106 very mild razor and well made.
John M
I would reccomend the Edwin jagger de89. It is widely regarded as probably the best beginning razor, as it is very mild and of great quality. I noticed you mentioned in other threads you struggle with irritation. I did as well, but this razor along with technique has solved that for me.
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Another vote for the Gillette tech I also feel that any of maggards razors are mild. Same head with an array of handles to choose from. You can pick your handle and the head will be the same regardless. You can also just order a head for like 6 bucks and chances are it will fit a handle of a razor you already own.
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  • Lord LP1822L : not the best looking, but one of the greatest mild razor;
  • Feather Popular : so mild, I can't shave with it;
  • Gillette Tech : the classic mild razor
  • any adjustable razor set to its lower setting (Merkur Progress, Gillette Fatboy, Gillette Slim, etc.)
Standard razors makes an aluminum that is extremely mild and gives great shaves.  On a less expensive note maggard makes some pretty mild heads (as already suggested) and on the vintage side you have the Gillette tech that can be had for under $20 off the bay if you were so inclined.  I believe the feather stainless steel D2's were modelled after these razors.  Great mild BBS shaves can be had from any of these razors.  On the more expensive note, the feather D2's offer great shaves.

Philadelphia, PA
gillette tech and the merkur 1904 (open comb) are pretty mild.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

ATT M1, Gillette adjustable on 1, Merkur Progress on 1, Gillette Tech.
gillette 40s superspeed

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