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I'd like some suggestions to a few aromatic shaving soaps to try. Have a Sandalwood (which I like), and just got a Bay Rum (not so much). Any suggestions to enhance the shaving experience that leaves a nice fragrance while, during and after. I go into the washroom now and the Sandalwood lingers......Not looking for budget busters, but something reasonable that a non-expert would enjoy.

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We gear our scents towards the "regular Joe". All risk free.

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Shave Sharp, Look Sharp

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Boy, I’d agree that Sir Henrys Sundries scents soaps for and everyday man. Give his Casino Royale a spin. I sure like it and he offers a money back guarantee.

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Barrister + Mann's "Seville" has a nice Bergamot scent. I occasionally open it just to sniff it.

Arko is pretty aromatic, just not in a nice way, IMO. A little too industrial for me.

Another option is to take a scent-free (or faintly-scented) soap and shred it with a fine cheese grater. Add a bit of aftershave, wait a day, and then repack it into a tub or push-up tube.

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That sounds like me. Here are some of my favorites.

Ariana & Evans - Signature, L'orange Verte, Peaches and Cognac, Asian Plum
Zingari Man - Soloist (WCS only), Explorer, Wanderer
Catie's Bubbles - La Terre Verte, Celtic Knot, Connecticut Shade, Le Piment de la Vie
Stirling - plenty of good cologne scents or simpler scents

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Stirling is great for this sort of thing. They have many, many different scents and the quality of soap is very good. I am sure you will find a scent or two that you really enjoy. They have decent sized samples so you can try out a lot of scents before committing to a full tub.
CBL is a great soap. Elite performance, in my opinion, and excellent value.
ETHOS is my personal favorite brand and Frank has some fantastic scents. If you like darker scents his Dragonsbeard scent is fantastic and he is about a month away from releasing it. Succès is pineapple forward but absolutely amazing. To me this is the Elite of elite soap bases.
Hub City Soap Company is relatively new, but he has some great scents and the performance is top notch.
PAA is basically the vegan Stirling. No tallow soaps, but another incredible performing soap. Scents are a little more complex, but you can probably find a scent that you like. AA Bay Rum is my favorite because it doesn’t have any clove.
Zingari Man, B&M Excelsior bade, A&E, Declaration Grooming Milk Steak base, and Wholly Kaw are also very good soaps. I hope this helps a little bit!

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