Hi all wanting to try/ get one of the AC type(feather clone) shavette razors but only ones I have seen are to expensive anyone know where I could get one for inexpensive? I don't want to spend a lot in case I don't like it.... Thanks. The only ones I have found also don't ship to USA or don't take Paypal.

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I bought the Greager CJB to try out shavettes. They are well known and cheap at $25-30. I know Maggard sells them.

I never got used to the kamisori style, so put folding scales on it.

FYI, I shave with straights, and found the Feather Pro-Guard blades the most comfortable blades in this shavette.

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It would help to know your budget.  The CJB that Mr_Houston mentioned will get you in the door for about $25.  The Feather SS (Folding) is about $60 on amazon, and the Irving Barber Shavette (IBC) runs about $73 at Maggard.  The SS will also take a Schick injector blade, if that matters to you, and so will the IBC.  I don't have experience with the CJB, but the SS and IBC are excellent shavettes IME.

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dont really have a budget yet since i am looking around to see the diff prices for the diff things out there and what is best and seeing what i would want
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Did you see this one on Aliexpress?


It is supposed to be a clone of the Kai Captain kamisori, but is shorter and easier to handle.

Also found this at the same place:


Rip of of the Feather SS
As someone mentioned, the Artist Club razor is available from Amazon for $60. I don't remember what I paid when I bought mine but it was considerably more. I want to be respectful of your wallet, but I suspect it might be worth it to spend the $60. If you get a clone for, say, $30 and you like it, you might want an original, or the clone might not be as durable, and you'll spend the money on the AC plus the sunk costs of the clone.

I've used straight razors but prefer the AC when I'm in the mood for a straight razor shave. The AC is really well-made. And if you dislike it, you can sell it here and get most of your $ back.

The first time I used one i foolishly thought it would be much like a straight razor so I loaded a Feather Pro and turned my face into a series of gashes and nicks. The Feather Pro blades are far sharper than any straight razor and completely unforgiving. To give yourself and the razor a fair try, I recommend you start with the Feather ProGuard or the Kai equivalent. The next best thing would be the Feather Super, which has a thicker blade that's more forgiving.

Although some view the Feather ProGuards as cheating, they're the only blade I use now in the AC. I think they're great, and I sometimes use them in my ATT SE-1. Don't let anyone talk you out of them. Once you get the knack, if you want to try a Feather Pro, have at it.

Just my 2.5 cents.

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I'm with dontfeartheweeper. With the prices now available on Amazon, I would just go for the real thing. The only decisions should be whether to get the folding or non-folding, and then whether to get black, lime green, or wine.

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