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I have used this soap five times now.  I used my new lathering technique today on its 5th go, and for me this soap is SUPERB!

This soap is absolutely elite, and certainly has a place in my all time top five list of shave soaps.  It hits on all cylinders!!!  During the lathering process it took 3 tsp of distilled water.

The fragrance is of cherry pipe tobacco with a hint of leather, and it is wonderful.

The performance, in my experience, is top notch with wonderful initial/residual slickness, and this is one of the creamiest soaps I have ever used.

At $15 shipped to your door for three ounces it is pretty tough to beat!

Here is the ingredient list:  water, locally-sourced organic tallow, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, aloe vera, unrefined shea butter, fragrance, and babassu oil.

The post-shave feel is also quite nice!


Soap:  Long Rifle Soap Co Shave Soap - Brown Bess

Bowl:  Huge Singing Bowl

Brush:  RazoRock Big Bruce Synthetic

Razor:  OneBlade BlackBlade

Blade:  Feather FHS-10 (First Use)

Aftershave:  Captains Choice Bay Rum

Post-shave Serum:  Sebum Lime

All in all one of my best shaves ever, and the post-shave feel was second to none!



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This is from a second container of Long Rifle...separated by date of purchase and fragrance.  Bay Rhum!

It did not disappoint, and solidified in my mind, my high opinion of this shave soap brand!



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Long Rifle Soaps FTW - I love Thick as Thieves.
Long Rifle Bay Rhum is fantastic, and LR soaps are the creamiest I have used!  This is certainly a top tier soap at an inexpensive price...excellent value!

Fires on all cylinders...for me anyhow!



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