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Just up yonder from me in Georgetown is a great classic barbershop. The barber, Tim, has amongst his services, shaves. In addition to haircuts and shaves he makes shave brushes and soaps. This review is of his shave soaps. In particular I am reviewing the scents Executive and Smoking Lounge.

Tim fills 6oz of soap in a tin. The label on the lid is waterproof and does not bleed. It is clean-cut label and easy to read. The only addition I would recommend is a list of ingredients.  The 6oz. will take the soap pretty close to the top of the tin. So depending on how you lather it might be messy until you us enough of it.

Scent Strength:
The scents of the soaps are mild in strength. The scent is definitely there off the puck, and gains strength when lathering. At no point is it overpowering. These are on the lower end of what I find adequate for my tastes. It is though by design that is does not have an overpowering scent.

Executive – This is a clean business like barbershop scent. It is not a spicey/peppery scent nor is it very powdery. It has slight floral touch, but most of all it is just. It is definitely a scent that you can shave with everyday.

Smoking Lounge – This one to me smells a bit of tobacco and bit of leather. It is definitely not the scent of tobacco smoke. This is nice manly scent. I have actually been pairing it up with Stirling Gentleman, which complements this soap well. This is one of my favorite tobacco scents.

This is where this soap excels. Tim really has made a soap that is hard to not get a brush full of creamy lather. This is by Tim’s design. I had to work hard to get lather that was not creamy and protective.  A 15-20 second load with damp synthetic brush is all that is needed to get 4 passes worth of lather. I was able to add water to get a nice wet and slick lather, but that had enough support to give that protective cushioning that many like. The residual slickness is quite adequate for touch-ups or buffing.

Face Feel:
There are enough butters and other oils to leave face well hydrated after the shave. I do not feel that any further moisturizers are necessary. Hand lather this and people may start to question if you have worked a day in your life.

I am sure I missed all sort of details that would help convey how much I like this soap. This soap is right up there with the top soaps we talk about. Are there better soaps? Sure there are. The key here is that Tim’s is delivering this quality with amazing value.

(lather after initial pass)
[Image: 0w21SwV.jpg]

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Nice review, momor!

I actually did some Googling on this soap after I saw you post it in the soap/cream of the day thread(the picture above is what pushed me to Google.) That's awesome looking lather! The soap sounds wonderful and I actually marked as a favorite on etsy.com so I can order later. The whole story around Tim the barber and his shop is very nice story. Makes me feel like giving my barber a call for a shave and a haircut.

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momor, two things. 1) What is the cost and, 2) I thought an ingredient list was mandatory for selling a product like this to the public. (Or, are the ingredients listed somewhere else, perhaps on a box?)

Thanks for a nice review of a soap I had not heard of.
Cost is $12.00 for the 6oz.

I am not sure of the ingredient list. The research I have seen is that for soap, that does not make any cosmetic claims like "moisturizing" on the label, there does not need to be labeled with the ingredient list. It is definitely something though as consumers we do desire, and is probably good to have to be on the safe side. Here is the ingredient list from his etsy store.

Stearic acid, castor oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter, coco butter, beef tallow, sodium/potassium hydroxide, water, vegetable glycerin, clay, essential/fragrance oil.

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The Clean Shaver has a video review on YouTube.....

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