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Lee tells me he's been able to secure enough Blonde Badger to make ~35 brushes.  You can order an M&F Blonde Badger brush via this link to our online store.  

Because the supply is so limited, we will not list Blonde Badger as an option.  For that reason, simply order a Finest Badger brush and indicate "Blonde Badger" in the "comments" section of the order form.  We will track orders and update this post once the Blonde Badger supply is exhausted.

Saying that:  please note that Lee's shop will be closed for the next two-three weeks.  We will continue making M&F handles during this time, so please be aware that your M&F order could take three-four months to be fulfilled.  (BSSW brush orders should still be filled in our normal timeframes.)

As always:  Thanks for your Patronage!

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Brad, is this available for all knot/brush sizes?

MD Eastern Shore
(08-11-2018, 07:48 PM)boilerphan Wrote: Brad, is this available for all knot/brush sizes?

Yes sir. Up to and including 30mm.

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