While on vacation in Thailand I am alternating between an SOC two band and a Savile Row 3824, an Ikon 102/Bamboo handle and a Parker 26C, a tub of RazoRock Mudder Focker and finishing with some Scoop sensitive skin AS with Simpson's balm. I've used Feather, Wilkinson and Astra SS blades. BTW Feather blades are very affordable here, appx. $14 for 100 blades.

Using this limited set has really been interesting and I'm getting tremendous shaves. The last several days I've been using the Ikon with a Feather blade and the results are outstanding.

Learning the strengths of each product really improves their function.
I find myself leaning towards the Ikon more, and really enjoying the softness yet control of the Savile Row. I've found the right amount of loading and water mixture to make a smooth and creamy lather from the MF every time. I would be happy to have this be my permanent set up, besides new soaps and AS, but I do miss my den and many of the great products waiting there... (Wolfman and LASS razors, a PIls I haven't used yet, Paladin, Vie-Long and Shavemac brushes, wonderful soaps, after shaves etc.)

Although it's been like going back to school and working on fundamentals, compared to my Dad and Grandpa who didn't have a rotation and pretty much used whatever was available, this still feels very luxurious and pampering.

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I find that one of the problems caused by RAD is that we just don't spend enough to getting to really know a razor. It's nice to try new things and throw them into the rotation, but you really get to know a razor when you use it exclusively for a couple of weeks.

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The /r/wet_shaving subreddit did a theme month of "Austere August." Not really austere, just pick a single set up and use it all month. It definitely helped me dial in the performance on my chosen lather.

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I think sticking with one set-up for at least a month is an excellent idea.

 I recently went about a month and a half with the same razor, blades, brush, and soap.  My technique improved a lot over that span and probably even more than the previous six months.  It is really hard though, because starting out I just wanted to experience EVERTHING "right now."  I did a lot of bouncing around different hardware and software before that month and a half.

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