Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!


Russia, Rybinsk
The limited edition of thymascus contains only 20 handles.
15 pieces made and sold.
Material left for 5 items.
You can order any
Bamboo, New York, Triad, Bobcat
price 230 with free shipping

[Image: bI6079F.jpg][Image: Qf1w6Gk.jpg][Image: l4BbjuL.jpg][Image: rUxNlsA.jpg]

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Fantastic handle! Thank you!
Great job on those, YAZON 87 !

Russia, Rybinsk
material left for 4 handles

Russia, Rybinsk
[Image: x10Ydeq.jpg]

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Russia, Rybinsk
[Image: nc5CvIn.jpg][Image: PxoQdbw.jpg][Image: jzHdEZY.jpg]

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