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Very interesting, John. Happy2
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A guy hung these from a string and shot at them in a video I saw the other day.

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I'll echo that. Very interesting! I never heard of them before this.

Not being content to just hear about it, my childlike curiosity forced me to find a video.

*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24q80ReMyq0 (Remove the asterisk and copy and paste the URL into your browser to go to the video. I had to do that so as not to have the software put a picture of a rifle on the forum.)

IMO Incredibly amazing stuff.
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Yeah. I think that's the same guy I saw.

He was going at it with different handguns in the one I watched. Incredible.

I think this is the follow up I saw.
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These things are extremely cool - how have I never heard of Prince Rupert's Drops before now?? Especially because I live in a part of Canada that prior to 1905 was known as Prince Rupert's Land Smile

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There is so much wrong with that, I just won't address it. I will state that anyone can post anything on You Tube and owning a camera doesn't make one knowledgeable re: firearms and ammo.

When he kept his mouth shut and just produced a video he was OK. Then he began to speak about something he clearly has no knowledge of.
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I didn't listen to the audio?

I just skipped​ to the action on mute. I'll take your word for it though. After seeing some guy fill a chicken shaped mold with different colors of white chocolate on YouTube I have been in the habit of not listening to the audio. That website has gone down hill so hard and so fast it's amazing. It's a regular old dumpster fire.

Time was the better stuff rose to the top on YouTube a little more organically. With all the sponsored content and click bait titles it's way more "anything for attention". That and the cameras and video editing software are more accessible. Everyone and they're uncle can now be on the interwebs. Whether they​ ought to be or not.
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