I received this beauty via UPS yesterday from Leonidam in Venice. The model is called the Juggernaut and has a 2-band, 26mm fan knot with gel tips installed.

Has an unbelievably comfortable feel in the hand. Can't wait to give it a go.

Leonidam has an Etsy store for those interested in checking him out. Davide will be adding new brushes soon as well.

[Image: 7kx1DHG.jpg]

[Image: 0RdDtqb.jpg]

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pretty nice!

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

beautiful brush

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I really like mine. Got it from two drops ago. I think it compares most similarly with the Declaration B2
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(06-09-2019, 03:55 AM)twagshot Wrote: I really like mine. Got it from two drops ago. I think it compares most similarly with the Declaration B2

That's good to hear and interesting about how you would compare it to DG B2. I don't have a B2, but that's high praise.

David certainly puts out some fine specimens - artistic handles and top notch knots!

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Hello. I'm new here, gentlemen.  I've lurked for awhile and it's been great to get your opinions and advice.    

I wanted to follow up on this post to add how good my experience has been working with Davide recently.  He offers a really exceptional brush from Italy.  As has already been said in this thread, the handle look, shape and feel in hand of the "oblivion" I just received is astounding.  His communication/shipping is quick and he'll customize lofts as desired.  The knot I ordered was the HD Gel fan and it is better than described on his site, I know you all know what you're looking at so the pictures can speak for themselves.  Incredibly soft, like butta'!  

Give Davide a shot, you will not regret it.  I posted a review on his site stating that "Davide has earned your business, you just don't know it yet."  I absolutely believe that.  I'm hoping this helps get him a little more of the exposure he so readily deserves.

[Image: eUfw8YG.jpg]
[Image: RBvmV3g.jpg]
[Image: 9JBe9W3.jpg]
[Image: N6Cu4LU.jpg]

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Wow that looks great. I was just on his etsy site last night and read your review. I am seriously considering getting one of his brushes. Thank you for posting up your pictures and thoughts.
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I agree with the others! I have a second brush from him on the way!

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Davide is a true artist and has amazing handles and shipoftheline had a great detailed review of the knot quality. The only thing that rivals the quality of his product is amazing communication and customer service!

I give my highest recommendation for Leonidam brushes.

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