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I have finally found the perfect Lather Bowl (for me).   I have been through a lot of  bowls, actual lather bowls and makeshift bowls, and one of the best I've found is a porcelain mortar and pestle, minus the pestle.     I found that the 130mm bowl was just the right size and the little pour spout works as a place to rest your brush.    But, if you drop this bad boy in the sink it's goodbye sink.   So I use it now as a place to hold packets of razor blades in my razor den, I have got to learn how to post pictures, would love to show off my razor den.      But anyway "the perfect  lather bowl". I was cruising through my local Restaurant Supply Store and there it was, a Vollrath 1/2 qt. (16 oz) Stainless Steel mixing bowl Model# 68750.    It's 5-1/4" in diameter and 2" tall.   And the sloped sides keep the lather in the bowl while mixing.   And I'm glad I picked it up for $10.00 because most places online will charge about $20.00 after tax and shipping. Which is still not bad for such a well made bowl. So it only took about 20 years of wet shaving to find it but I'm glad I did.

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Let’s see a pic!

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Guessing it's this


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Thin-walled stainless steel, about $5 from the Atlantic Superstore. No rolled rim so it's easy to clean.

[Image: Q9RZmj0.jpg]
I got a spare because one day I'm gonna' experiment with increasing the depth of the dimples from the outside, creating bumps on the inside.

It's best feature is that it floats, even with any one of all but two of my brushes in it. (This one happens to be a Wee Scot, so the scale looks off.)
It works like a modern scuttle with a really huge hot water capacity. Lovely warm lather for all four passes.

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If I attempt to face lather, I get skin irritation from most brushes. I do have a few brushes that are soft enough to face lather, but I much prefer bowl lathering to minimize contact between the brush and my face.

I also have found that the mortar bowl from a mortar and pestle set makes a great lather bowl. The rough texture on the inside of the bowl is great for creating shear that builds a lather quickly. Also, the mass of the bowl is great for keeping lather warm. I even place my mortar bowl on top of a Glade wax melt/candle warmer. It keeps my lather at a comfortably warm 120F.

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Yes, thats exactly it.   The picture doesn't do it justice.   You have to see it to appreciate it.

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[Image: ttqnzVh.jpg]

This one does the job for me.  Cayuen Workshop.  You can choose between two sizes and a number of different color schemes.  The bowl features 
sprialized ridges, undercut rim, and a finger well grip.  Not to mention, I think you could drive your Humvee over it and it would survive unscathed.

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