I have 11 different lather bowls. From things I found at second hand store to one that was way too much money shipped from Germany. The Suribachi bowl that is about 3 inches across works well. A gift from a friend. Fits in the palm of your hand and they don't cost much. My favorite is a Rosewood bowl I turned on the lathe. With the lip of the bowl curved inward helps keep lather in while whipping it up and ridges on the bottom. I've read of some folks that have glues pennies or Dimes on the bottom of a smooth bowl that matches the shave den to help whip up the lather better. Guessing epoxy would be best for that.

A bowl is great for travel if you have a small one that wont break, as you can smash some soap into the bottom of it and its ready for travel. No need to take the soap container with you. And its the best way to enjoy soap samples. Scoop out what you need from the tiny container and smash it into the bottom of the bowl.
A lather bowl is a nice thing to have in your shave den. But if your into the warm lather its hard to beat. I very seldom go the extra step for warm lather. But in the middle of the snow season it is a nice touch.

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