I just got these brushes back from Reyes Restores.  He did an amazing job bringing them back to life.  Both of these brushes were in lousy shape when I bought them.  The black one is now the crown jewel of my brush collection.  Haha  I love the shaving man logo on the back side.  I was only able to find ads containing brush handles with that logo from the 20's and 30's.  So I think it is pretty old.  The red and white handle is a series 100.  If anyone has anymore info on either of these brushes I'm all ears Smile  Thank you!

[Image: mm3LxZa.jpg]

[Image: VZkFXUd.jpg]
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You're most welcome my friend...please enjoy.
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The black one is especially fantastic.
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Wow, those look fantastic. I ordered one from the bay and it came in the mail today. Now I just need to restore it. We're both of yours 22mm?
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Blackie is awesome

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These are awesome!

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