Few brushes made last week. Available at www.black-anvil.com

Major Tom

[Image: Xf58mtb.jpg]

[Image: 7mg3NoQ.jpg]

[Image: PyIySJH.jpg]

Beehive Fionn

[Image: IcTpk39.jpg]

[Image: pXfFLcM.jpg]

[Image: NHaroM4.jpg]


[Image: 5dqkJ83.jpg]

[Image: WuV7YHi.jpg]

[Image: holC1gw.jpg]

Beehive Fionn

[Image: tnbYTxg.jpg]

[Image: HNnpXbP.jpg]

[Image: 5JRHptA.jpg]


[Image: NAUT1AV.jpg]

[Image: Teg4u0U.jpg]

[Image: VSNy0yh.jpg]

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I have always try to make a shaving brush in this classic shape. When i poured this turning blank, i knew that the time has come Smile

[Image: XNXYq4Y.jpg]

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These lads will go live tomorrow at 7PM CET. Keep an eye at black-anvil.com

[Image: eywUe7l.jpg]

[Image: vqqcxzk.jpg]

[Image: gtVhjlG.jpg]

[Image: arhn7FO.jpg]

[Image: H4vXkdY.jpg]

[Image: N2w70cp.jpg]

[Image: y63hmxv.jpg]

[Image: jEmoXEe.jpg]

[Image: oJKfG1a.jpg]

[Image: SBE9VDA.jpg]
Maciek makes really fantastic brushes.  Could not recommend his brushes highly enough. I bought this beauty a month and a half ago and it has been an incredibly enjoyable brush!!

[Image: I0ASqKv.jpg]

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