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BOOM! The Last of Our Summer Releases!

Scent Profile: Bright & Refreshing Gin, Tonic and a squirt of Lime

Bet you weren't expecting this one! Yes folks this will be our last New Summer Scent Release, and just in time, Djinn & Chthonic (Gin & Tonic w/ Lime)!

By now you all pretty much know we have a thing for both word play and a good gin & tonic, so why would this release be any different? This my friends is an invigorating scent for sure, Gin, Tonic & Lime! Who doesn't enjoy that classic?

Oh and you best believe I went to town distilling some Lime Hydrosol to top this splash off with!

As I mentioned this is a seasonal but unlike the other summer seasonal scents, Djinn & Chthonic will be available thru September!


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