In my view the second best Star Wars movie of all time.... it was FANTASTIC..... thoughts?

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Woodstock, VT
Parts of the movie were filmed in my home town and area of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland where I grew up. Spoke with my brother yesterday in Dingle and many pints of Guinness were hoisted. Smile Happy2

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Charleston, South Carolina
Very much agreed! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Metro Detroit
I thought it was great. A really good reboot. I also noticed the potential toys.

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We're going on friday - my son gets home from school thursday and we're going to the IMAX 3D for the full experience. Really looking forward to it. It would be wrong for me to see it without my son with me Smile

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We watched it yesterday courtesy of our real estate agent, as a way of giving back to all his clients. It was a great movie with plenty of action.

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