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Arizona, USA

Planet Phoenix!

Scent Profile: Sweet, honeyed notes of neroli layer with bergamot, mandarin, frangipani, Labdanum and Oud. Some of you are freaking out I know. hee, hee, hee...and yes, there is a complete collection available!

[Image: oflhjxc.jpg]

Well folks, HERE IT IS, Planet Phoenix! A very special scent with a HUGE cult following! Up until now, Planet Phoenix was only ever available as a travel size included with every Indestructible Travel Scuttle. Since it was first added to the scuttle package the requests for it have been insane! Even watching interactions in the forums look more like trades made in prison yards:

Shaver 1: "I will give you 3 Planet Phoenixes for your toggle."
Shaver 2: "Deal.!"

The PMs, DMs and Emails have often been borderline threatening. One customer became so upset he said if we refused to release Planet Phoenix in a full size collection he would shop with us no more. I gotta give him credit, he has remained true to his word if my records are correct. Hopefully, he still gets our Black Friday newsletters!
But What Is Planet Phoenix?

Just like Meta Nectar & ESP, it is a classic Attar; the world's oldest type of perfume! If you are familiar with both of those offerings know that Planet Phoenix is less like Meta and more in the same vein as ESP; Dark, Moody, Musky & Woody. Really sensual and masculine, not to mention a perfect cool weather scent. Although, it may also perform just as well on a warm summer evening!

Don't Sleep On This! You Have Less Than 24hrs!

"Getting You In A Lather Since 2012, Phoenix Shaving!"

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