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I really liked this razor.

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This razor was a pleasant surprise to me. Very smooth/mild feeling with excellent efficiency. Smoother than a charcoal goods lvl 2, with efficiency of a CG lvl 2.75, just a shy bit under the lvl 3. I was able to shave daily with this, 3 pass shaves. I won’t be getting rid of my CG, but I did end up buying this razor. When I want a smooth and no hassle shave, this thing will be my go to tool. When I shaved side by side with my lvl 3, I could tell the lvl 3 was more efficient. But by the next day, I couldn’t tell any measurable difference. 

The handle for the Nodachi is a bit tall for me. I used it for the first two shaves, then switched to my Weber bulldog. I think eventually I’ll end up getting the Matsume handle and stand. The stand is awesome, I’m a sucker for nice stands and the machining on this thing is very precise, no wiggle room when the handle is inserted. Almost looks like 1 whole piece. I also enjoy the finish, feels very smooth to the touch. I’ve posted some pics below, the original handles design does make for the best clamp possible for the blade. It’s a very slim head which I also like in a razor. With the Weber I felt like it got 98% the same effect tho. Also tried charcoal goods handle and wolfman WR2 handle and both work fine. That 2% comes in play if you are not holding the head properly when fully tightening the handle down. You have to make sure they are aligned properly or there will be a small difference in top cap and baseplate as seen in pics below. Hard to tell, but they can be offset just a tad, easily fixed tho and doesn’t seem to affect the shave. An insert would be a good idea for use of an aftermarket handle. 

Overall a very impressive razor, glad I hoped on this passaround otherwise I never would have bought this thing. 

[Image: kEiXGbU.jpg][Image: deI8vla.jpg][Image: RL0ZgtU.jpg][Image: xBG9iCT.jpg]

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