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For my birthday my daughter gave me the L'Occitane aluminum covered dish and the puck of soap to go in it,
I have used it for 3 weeks now and can write a review.

Synopsis - I LOVE IT

The bowl is beautiful.
[Image: wL1khYl.jpg]

The soap has a faint scent. Others call it Juniper but it is hard for to place for  me. Nonetheless it is a pleasant smell.
The puck takes up the entire bowl.
[Image: n7wteK3.jpg]

My kid paid $28 for the bowl and $12 for the soap. They are not sold as a set.

The soap formed a luxurious lather. And it stayed that way for my 4 pass shave.
[Image: i9RMziH.jpg]

The foam was exceptional. Very slick and great glide. None of the razor and blade combos I tried tugged nor pulled at all. I got great shaves every day.

This has become my new favorite soap. I did not think anything would every surpass my beloved C&E soaps. The 2 year or older stuff - not the weak new line.
If I had to use only one soap for the rest of my life I would be more than happy for it to be L'Occitane. At only $12 a puck it is affordable. 


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From L'Occitane website :

Quote:Top notes of bergamot lead to a generous heart of cedar wood and pink pepper. A base of cade wood and citrus linger on the skin throughout the day. Enriched with essential oils of cade wood and pink pepper [...]

The exaggeratedly high price of the bowl is the main reason why I haven't tried that soap yet.

Thanks for the review.

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Phil, it is one of my favorites, as well. I got mine as a set when the bowl was made of a different, and perhaps heavier, metal, though I am not sure what it is. I paid $30.00 for it at a L'Occitane shop in an outlet mall in New Jersey.
I enjoy the performance of the soap greatly, but something in it gives me some tingling on the skin. Lovely scent and insane slickness, just foiled by my sensitive skin.
Nice review Thanks

Walter you don't need the bowl, just get the soap.

Cade is one of my favorites.

Philadelphia, PA
I haven't used cade in a very long time (I sold the puck that I did have). the smell is amazing though.
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Amazing scent, yes, I only wish it was stronger.
The bowl is not necessary... I squeezed the soap into an inexpensive Grundtal stainless steel container form IKEA and it worked nice an beautifully.
A good performance shaving soap, quite easy to obtain (at least outside Portugal - L'Occitane is doing some changes around here and closed all the brick-and-mortar shops for now, all that remains is their online shop :S) and not very expensive.

Love this soap as well. For me the scent is ok and I like that its mild. The lather is great and I get a great post shave feel with this soap. I didnt spring for the container, only a puck of soap which I threw into a $2 soap tin from Stirling. Great stuff!
Bob from Virginia

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Great soap! Unfortunately, that container will not hold up, the bowl will begin to corrode in few months if you have hard water.


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