I am currently shaving with a blade that performs depending upon the razor.  These are the original Polsilver brown box [not the Super Iridiums].  These blades can be rough especially with an aggressive razor.  However, the Gillette Red Tip and Fatboy still provide a smooth efficient shave, even with this touchy blade.  These razors are so great that it just gets me that people are paying $300-$400 for  safety razors.  I hope it is worth it.  But when I get to these old Gillettes in my rotation and see how they perform, I have to sing their praises.

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I couldn't agree more. Today I shaved with a Super Adjustable and an Astra blade and had a great BBS shave with absolutely no irritation. I think I paid $30 for that razor.
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I have about 6 or 7 vintage razors that are great, I have a few new modern razors that do well too, but I'll never pay over a certain amount for a razor, I think the most I ever paid was 70.00 for a Delta echo razor works fat handle. O would love to get a fatboy and a aristocrat but I havnt ran across one that's good enough with in my budget yet :-)

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I only shave with vintage razors, namely Gillette and Schick. My newest razor would be the Krona, and the oldest would be my Big Fellow. I will never buy a modern production razor. Just way too many awesome oldies out there to seek out anything from present day.
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I only wish I could use the vintage Gillette TTOs, but they just don't work for me.
Fortunately, I was able to acquire a few Webers quite some time ago when they were still very inexpensive. Shy
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I have a few vintage and a few moderns and enjoy them all.

2 Slims (63 +64), 40s Super Speed, 20s Old Type, and a GEM G Bar SE for vintage. Most expensive was the Super speed, which I paid $25 for locally.

Merkur 37c, 33c, and Maggards V3 for modern. Most expensive was the MR-V3 if you unclude the MR22 handle...$22

And a PAA Ibis shavette which is becoming my favorite....quickly...cost $11

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I have 2 Super Speeds. One was recoated by Delta Echo (won in last year's mustache contest), the other one I picked up recently from ebay with a Gem Bullet Tip (both for $29). I find them to be very mild and somewhat inefficient for my beard, but I still use them from time to time. The other 2 vintage razors I have are Gem Featherweights. One flip-top and one push-button. I think the Gems are my favorites so far. I'm still on the lookout for a birth year Black Beauty and would also like to try a NEW as well.
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