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I have seen these razors at flea-markets in years gone by.  They were made in Portland OR from the mid 1930's until at least 1944, 
when the owner/inventor Chester Gratiot died.  There were at least 3 different models.  I have the first and the last models (as seen in photos), 
but not the middle one (also seen).  

[Image: Fay3mjS.jpg][Image: dricj7A.jpg][Image: HZoYpRy.jpg]
I bought my first one here and was very pleased with the way it shaved.  Within a few days I found one of the originals on eBay for a good price.  
The original one is a nickel plated solid brass razor, and holds together only with a blade installed.  And since blades were thicker back in 1933, 
a shim is needed for a secure fit.  But with a new Feather blade and a shim, it is an excellent shaver, though a bit more aggressive than the later model.
The later model is made of chrome plated zamac, and weighs only 41 grams (30g lighter than the original).  It is also milder, but just as efficient.  
The later model also has a better blade vice.  It's the later model that I would like to see improved upon and competently replicated.

There has been talk in the wet shaving community over the years about somebody or other making a copy of this razor.  The last name I heard was RazoRock, and that was some years ago (2012?).  These are both great razors, but the final iteration is superior to the original in almost every way, except for the zamac.  I HOPE SOMEONE WITH WHEREWITHAL AND DRIVE DECIDES TO MAKE AN IMPROVED COPY OF THIS ELEGANT RAZOR. 

The middle push-button model was part brass and part zamac.  I've never tried one.  It's just for show.  The photo is from eBay.

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That push button recently sold on eBay for $285 (I know because I was WAY outbid for it). It is an interesting one because the head could also be set diagonally like the Mulcuto slants, but at different angles and so you would have a slant and diagonal all in the same razor.

the one that was attempting to put out a copy of the Krect was Bullgoose after coming out with their Asylum series. Unfortunately the heads on the Krect was very thin and curved, making machining it a challenge. Casting would have worked (as the originals were cast), however the investment in casting would have been too much for a relatively small production number. I have two of the Spiral Cuts (the last version which was a traditional three piece razor) and have to say that it is one of my best shaving slants.

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Can I join the party? I just have these 2
[Image: khpgiGe.jpg]
[Image: 9ur5ZZr.jpg]
I had one mint in the original box, I guess the zamac model, and sold it not long ago. The only Krect I ever had. 

I used to collect slants ... not the head on a slant on the handle, but as they used to be called "twisted head" razors. 

I still have a gob of them, but no longer collect them.

I had intended to shave with the Krect, but couldn't bring myself to do it with one in mint condition. 

Figured I'd pick one up in used condition, but never did, so I've never had the pleasure.

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